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Ginger oil

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Ginger oil application:  

Drink, Beer, Soy Sauce, Vinaigre, Cooked Meat, Fast food, Puffing food, Bake food and Soft food etc.

As the essence of supplies used in Cosmetics, Toothpaste, Soap, Hand sanitizer, Shampoo and Body wash etc.

Aromatherap, SPA , Body, Hair and lose weight etc.

Function Foods: antioxidant; as a treatment of migraine headaches, rheumatism and arthritis; activating blood circulation, aphrodisiac and antithrombotic; Anti-tumor, especially Skin Cancer.

Medicine: antibacterial and antiphlogistic; Prevent carsick seasick and athletic nausea; Single or compound materials of Chinese medicine.

Packaging of ginger oil

1) •25kg/plasitc barrel 

2) •180kg/iron  barrel