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No additives Artisanal yellow Crystal old Rock candy Sugar

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Product class yellow crystal rock sugar

raw material Sugar cane

Specifications 2*75px

Sugar content >99.8%

Crystalline form single crystal

Mixed ingredients White sugar, water, and two sodium sulfite

Use for   Drinks, pastries, cooking, food additives etc.

Technology After adding water to dissolve, remove impurities, clear juice, evaporate and concentrate, it is produced by vacuum crystallization under vacuum.

Specifications Irregular shape

advantage It has good moisture resistance and is not affected by temperature. It can be kept for a long time without sand, sticky and not easily broken.

Quality guarantee period 18 months

Country of origin he bei

Packing    500g/bag,1kg/bag,10kg/bag,Accept customer customization

MOQ   1kg

Storage conditions Room temperature, no light, dry