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grade AA wholesaler arabica roasted coffee beans best price

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product name raw material

Texture Mellow and fragrant

Baking degree Deep culture

Bake ground shanghai

Oil content rich

Use for   Make coffee granules, food additives, or make food directly.

Quality guarantee period 1year

Product features 

1food grade standards, excellent quality, high cost performance.

2the extraction oil is rich, suitable for practicing flower pulling, suitable for coffee machine performance test and sales operation demonstration.

3the particles are large and complete, clean and free of impurities, convenient and safe to use without damage to the equipment.

4the adsorption force is strong, the effect of odor removal is obvious. The aroma of coffee is natural and healthy, without any addition. It is suitable for the new house decoration, the car except taste, the wardrobe except taste, the refrigerator deodorization.

packing    500g/bag

MOQ   1kg