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Si Wu Tang decoction regulate menstruation herbal soup

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Ingredients: angelica root 10g, chuanxiong 10g, white peony root 10g, Prepared rehmannia 12g

Package: 42g/bag, 10bags/box

Function: regulate menstruation, promote blood circulation, relieve pain, keep beauty

Usage: take one bag out---clean---put herbs into casserole---add 500ml water into casserole---soak about 30 min---small fire to boil--- stew 30 min---take soup.

(Note that stop taking soup in menstrual period; also can stew together with red dates, goji berry, ginger, chicken, eel or pig tripe) 

MOQ: 10bags

Shelf life: 18 months if stored well (keep under cool and dry place)