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Ba zhen tang herbal Tonic Eight treasure decoction herbal chicken soup

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Ingredients:  Codonopsis 10g, Atractylodes 10g, Poria 6g, prepared licorice 6g, prepared Rehmannia 10g, Angelica 10g, white peony root 8g, Chuanxiong 5g, jujube 12g

Package: 80g/bag, 10bags/box

Function: Benefit qi, enrich blood, promote blood circulation, keep beauty, regulate menstruation pain, prevent alopecia, often apply for body weekness after disease recovery, esp women diseases.  


1. Decoction (one bag a day, decoction, drink three times everyday, drink before breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Soak herbs about 20min---fire to boil, 1st decoct about 25min with light fire---pour soup out---add smaller amount water into pot---2nd decoct, about 20min with light fire---pour soup out---same step as 2nd decoction---mix soups together, drink


2. Making soup

Every time making soup, put one bag into pot, stew together

MOQ: 10bags

Shelf life: 18 months if stored well (keep under cool and dry place)