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Sheng hua tang Traditional Patented Purgation Medicines tonify body angelica root drink

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Sheng Hua decoction

Ingredients: whole angelica root 24g, chuanxiong 9g, peach kernel 6g, dried ginger 2g, prepared licorice 2g

Package: 43g/bag, 10bags/box

Function: enrich blood, tonify body, esp good for Postpartum women, relieve uterine weakness  


Mix 700ml rice wine with one bag herb---1st stew with light fire about 1h---200ml herb wine left, pour out---add 350ml rice wine into pot---2nd stew about 30min, about 100ml wine left---mix 200ml herb wine and 100ml wine together---put into Thermos bottle

(drink three times every day, small sip is better)

MOQ: 10bags

Shelf life: 6 months under cool dry place