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Oct 24, 2019

Jasmine flowers are used in China in the treatment of hepatitis and dysentery. In India, guests at wedding ceremonies are given jasmine garlands to wear.

A blend of oils containing jasmine is used by the bride to be to ensure that her skin feels smooth and smells sweet. It is very costly but a little goes a long way and the perfume from this oil lasts a long time.

Grown :

The plant grows mainly in the north west region of India. It is a climbing plant with pinkish flowers. Cultivated plants are grown in Grasse (France), Egypt and Morocco.

Parts used and method of extraction : 

The oil comes from the flower petals which is why it is such an expensive oil to buy because so many petals are needed.It is extracted by a process called enfleurage which is time consuming and to top it all, the flowers have to be picked at night when it is dark because it is at this time that the plant chemistry is at its best. You can get jasmine oil that has been extracted with the use of solvents but this oil is of inferior quality and should be avoided.

Colour and smell : 

Rich, heady and floral in fragrance this oil is amber to brown in colour and is very viscous.

Active Ingredients :

Indol, methyl anthranilate, linalyl acetate, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol and others

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