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Chestnut Porridge with Sweet Scented Osmanthus

Sep 24, 2019

According to the legend, during the Tang Dynasty, on the night of the Mid-autumn Festival, when Chang'er, the immortal on the moon, saw the view of the West Lake in Hangzhou in the moonlight, she could not help but to dance gracefully. As a result, her dance shook the osmanthus seeds one by one off the osmanthus trees in the moon.

At night, the monk Deming of the Linyin Temple was cooking chestnut porridge in the kitchen when he saw osmanthus seeds dancing all over the sky and numberless fragrant seeds falling into the porridge.

The next day, when the monks ate the chestnut porridge, they greatly praised it. Therefore, Deming picked up the osmanthus seeds scattered in the courtyard and planted them on a mountain opposite the temple.

On the next Mid-autumn Festival, it had grew into a blooming tree. Since then the mountain is called the Yuegui Peak and the Chestnut Porridge with Sweet-scented Osmanthus has become a popular snack among the people of Hangzhou.

The porridge has varied and distinct colors and is filled with crisp chestnuts. The soup is thick and the sweet-scented osmanthus has a pleasant smell. It should not be served too sweet.

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