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The Origin Of Moon Cake

Sep 11, 2019

According to legend, in ancient China, emperors had the sun in spring, autumn ritual sacrifice months. In the civil, every August Mid-Autumn Festival, also about worship or sacrifice on the custom of months. "On August 15 children round the Mid-Autumn moon cake and sweet incense," and this name saying Daochu moon night of urban and rural people, the custom of eating moon cake. Upon first moon cake moon festival of sacrifice to, then it gradually mooncake and eat moon cake, as a symbol of family reunion  , will become gradually moon cake festival gifts.

Moon cake, first originated in the Tang army celebration party food. Emperor in Tang dynasty years, the big campaign against the Huns victorious General Li Jing, 15 August a triumphant return.

Turpan was some business offering cake to the Tang emperor celebration party. Emperor Li Yuan took the beautiful cake box, took out a round cake, laughing that the air moon said: "The cake should be invited Hu toad." Having to eat cake and give the ministers.

Song Wuzi Mu's "Dreams of" the book have been "moon cake" word, but the taste of the Mid-Autumn months, the description of eating moon cake is the Ming Dynasty, "West Lake Chi will" have written: "August 15 that The Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake with civil to left, taking the meaning of reunion  . " To the Qing Dynasty, on the record would increase the moon cake, and making more and more sophisticated.

Moon cake to today, a greater variety, taste different from place to place. One Beijing-style, Soviet-style, Cantonese, Chaozhou-style moon cake so widely around the country by people like eating north and south.

Moon cake symbolizes reunion  , the Mid-Autumn Festival will eat the product. Night at the festival, people also eat some watermelon, fruit, fruit reunion  , pray his family happy, happiness, and peace.

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