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These six medicines are essential for preventing heatstroke in summer

Jul 11, 2019

As summer approached, the weather became hotter and hotter, and some summer diseases began to sprout. Heatstroke and colds are particularly evident. Here's a look at the recommended drugs.

How to prevent heatstroke

Essential Drugs for Summer Heat Protection

In hot summer, high temperature and hot, often make people unable to eat, sleep, but also prone to dizziness, headache, general fatigue, even nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. In order to spend the summer safely, it is necessary for families to prepare some anti-heat drugs.

1. Rendan

It can clear the heat and dispel dampness. It is mainly used for dizziness, brainstorming, chest depression, abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by heat stroke. It can also be used for carsickness, seasickness and acclimatization.

2. Ten drops of water

Can clear the summer and dispel the cold. It is suitable for dizziness, nausea and vomiting, chest tightness and diarrhea caused by heat stroke.

3. Huoxiang Zhengqi Water

Can clear the heat and solve the table. It is suitable for dizziness, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea caused by cold in summer.

4. Cool Oil

Can clear the heat and detoxify. It can treat dizziness and headache caused by summer heat or diarrhea caused by greed and cold.

5. Wuji Dan

It can clear away heat, dispel heat, calm and stop vomiting.

6. Avoiding Disturbance

As its name implies, pestilence dispersal, as a necessary product for summer heat prevention, can not only dispel heat and turbidity, aromatic and refreshing, but also have the effect of pain relief. It is a good medicine for summer heat prevention and fever relief.

Prevention of heatstroke in summer

1. It is better to replenish water and sugar in time.

In hot and humid indoors and cars, even if they do not exercise, they will also cause a lot of sweating and body temperature rise, resulting in a large amount of water and salt loss in the body, resulting in spasm, coma and other heatstroke symptoms. Attention should be paid to timely replenishment of water lost due to sweating, while supplementing sugar, the effect is better.

Drink lots of light salt boiled water, mung bean soup, etc. Drink at least 2 to 4 glasses of water (500 to 1000 milliliters) per hour if you need to do manual work or strenuous exercise in a hot environment. Water temperature should not be too high, drinking water should be a small number of times.

2. Attention to sunscreen when going out in hot weather

When the temperature is above 32 C, try not to go out. If you need to go out, arrange to go out in the morning or evening. Umbrella, sunglasses, etc. must be brought when you go out, and sunscreen with SPF 15 or more (UVA / UVB protection) must be applied.

3. Drink more soup

In summer, we often boil a lot of soup, such as sour plum soup, hawthorn soup, honeysuckle soup and so on, because the human body has been sweating, will consume a lot of body fluids, resulting in lack of water, but drinking water can only supplement water, can not supplement energy, then, drinking these soups in addition to supplementing water, but also can supplement. Energy is a good choice.

4. Use heat-insulating curtains

Thermal insulation curtain uses some special material and special knitting technology to reflect light and heat, so as to reduce the indoor temperature. Moreover, the insulation curtain is not perspective, the outside is unable to see the situation inside the house, which is conducive to isolating heat and adjusting light, improving the effect of the cold room or heating room, and contributing to energy conservation and environmental protection.

5. Room ventilation

The important thing to prevent heatstroke is indoor ventilation. Never close doors and windows frequently. In the morning or evening, windows and doors should be opened for ventilation. In the hot noon, air conditioners or fans should be turned on. The room temperature should be reduced to about 26 degrees C as far as possible to avoid heatstroke.

6. Don't be naked in hot weather

You should wear light clothes with perspiration and breathability instead of bare-chested clothes, because direct blowing after perspiration will make the capillaries shrink rapidly and the moisture and heat will be stuffy in your body and can not be discharged. Boys always like to play barefoot in the hot summer to cool down, but according to the view of traditional Chinese medicine, barefoot blowing is easy to be cold, and the capillary pore shrinks rapidly. On the contrary, it makes the damp and hot in the body stuffy and more prone to heatstroke. When you feel very hot, you can gently pat the place where the medial wrist artery passes by with cold water, reduce the blood temperature, or wipe your body with a wet towel. Don't directly apply ice or hit your bare arms.

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