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Drinking in water with roses has four advantages for women, but three kinds of people do not want to drink.

Jun 27, 2019

Speaking of roses, I think that girls have many good memories of them. Yes, roses are the symbol of love. Many male friends send roses to women to express their love. Besides this use, dried roses are used to soak in water and drink, which is also a good health product for female friends.

So, what are the benefits of drinking rose water for female friends? What should we pay attention to when drinking? This edition will share with you some knowledge about the health value of roses.

The efficacy of roses

Rose as a medicinal, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is warm and sweet, has Qi to relieve depression, and blood regulate menstruation and other effects, clinical can be used for women irregular menstruation or breast swelling and other diseases. "Renewal of Materia Medica" records:

Relax the stagnation of liver and gallbladder, invigorate spleen and reduce fire. Treatment of abdominal cold pain, epigastric cold, and can break blood.

Drinking roses in water has four benefits for women

The use of boiling water to soak rose is a good way for women to keep in good health, and its benefits are more, of which the following four are more prominent:

1. Soothing Liver and Relieving Depression

As the traditional Chinese medicine said, roses have the effect of soothing the liver and relieving depression, can regulate blood gas, promote blood circulation, and help to alleviate bad mood. Therefore, when women have symptoms of emotional agitation before or during menstruation, drinking rose tea can play a certain role in regulating.

2. Regulating menstruation and relieving pain

For women, symptoms such as dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation are common, while roses have the function of regulating menstruation with blood, which can help women alleviate the adverse symptoms of menstruation. However, it should be noted that if the amount of blood during menstruation is too large, you should avoid taking roses, because roses have the function of promoting blood circulation.

3. Beauty and beauty

Roses have a certain cosmetic effect on women, which is mainly due to the good effect of roses on Regulating Qi and blood. Chinese medicine believes that people's Qi and blood are smooth, and their complexion will naturally be ruddy. In addition, roses are also helpful for the removal of stains.

4. Regulation of endocrine

Roses can also regulate the human endocrine system, help the body eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, and protect the liver.

Drinking Rose Tea, Three Kinds of People Avoid Drinking

Rose soaking water is very suitable for women, but also in the right time and in the right physical condition, to achieve the desired effect, the following three groups of people should avoid drinking:

1. Constipation crowd: As we mentioned earlier, roses are a kind of traditional Chinese medicines with sexual warmth. In case of internal heat, we should pay attention to taking less. In addition, because roses have convergence characteristics, they can slow down intestinal peristalsis, so constipation crowd should avoid drinking.

2. The person with vigorous false fire: people with vigorous false fire often have flushing, dry mouth, sore throat and other symptoms, and rose temperature can lead to more serious symptoms, so avoid drinking.

3. Pregnant women and women with excessive menstrual bleeding: because roses are blood-activating, pregnant women avoid drinking, so as not to affect the fetus, during menstruation, women should avoid drinking too much menstrual blood, in order to avoid aggravating menstrual bleeding loss.

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