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Magic Therapy for Summer Cold without Drugs

Jun 19, 2019

The temperature is so high in summer that we all like to wear thin clothes. But sometimes the temperature difference between day and night is too big to catch a cold. A cold can be characterized by fever, runny nose, hot body and flushed face. In daily life, cold and fever is a very normal phenomenon, which has been plaguing many people. When we catch a cold, we lose appetite, can't eat, and feel upset. We will choose to take some cold medicines, such as Yunnan Baiyao anti-inflammatory drugs. I hope the following methods will help you.


Take a hot bath. In summer, I like to bathe in cold water, but this is not scientific. We should bathe in hot water and soak in a hot bath. It helps to relieve our fatigue. It's very helpful for us to catch a cold. And soaking in a hot bath can also help improve sleep quality. Moreover, this method is economical, practical and very convenient.

Drink some brown sugar and ginger soup. We can wash the ginger we bought and then cut it into pieces and boil it in a pot for fifteen minutes. If it's hard to drink ginger soup. We should also add a little brown sugar so that it will taste good. Ginger and brown sugar soup is very simple. Ginger has the function of removing cold and dampness.

Drink some medlar chrysanthemum tea. We can buy some medlar and chrysanthemum first. We should drink plenty of boiled water every day, so as to help detoxify and nourish our face. Every time we drink water, we should add a little medlar and chrysanthemum. Every night and the best time to help us sleep quality. So I suggest you all.

Summer is a very cold season, so we don't want to sit in an air-conditioned room or a fan for a long time. If the situation is serious, you should see a doctor in time. Finally, I wish you a speedy recovery.

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