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Why do we drink tea on Dragon Boat Festival? What tea is suitable for Dragon Boat Festival?

Jun 04, 2019

Why Drink Tea on Dragon Boat Festival

Tea drink green health, a cup of fragrant tea can represent the care of family, blessings to friends, as well as self-thinking, Chinese people pay attention to etiquette and exchanges, tea ceremony and tea custom culture has a long and rich history.

Tea is always accompanied and indispensable in Chinese traditional festivals.

The tea-drinking custom of Dragon Boat Festival originated from Realgar wine. Folk songs around Hangzhou and Shaoxing have the saying that "all diseases go away after drinking realgar wine". According to the analysis of modern medical science, the main component of realgar is arsenic sulfide, which has the function of anti-bacterial and expelling schistosomiasis. However, this physical property "hot", so after drinking realgar wine must be hot and difficult, we must drink strong tea to solve it. Generally speaking, families with large population always make a teapot of strong tea for their families to drink.

Dragon Boat Festival tea dates back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Every Dragon Boat Festival, the people go up to the mountains to collect hundreds of grass, and leave their homes for drinking all the year round, so as to prevent disease, health, beauty, thirst, anti-pollution and exorcise evil. In order to promote the national traditional health tea drinking culture, the production technology was studied in depth, and refined by combining traditional technology with modern processing technology, which not only maintained the traditional flavor, but also strengthened the health function.

It is a big custom to eat Zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival. The zongzi is delicious, but it is not easy to digest. Especially now, the composition of meat zongzi, bean paste and egg yolk are more abundant. Some zongzi are too greasy and have too much fat and protein, which may cause dyspepsia, flatulence and acute attack of disease. At this time, many people will choose to eat Zongzi with a pot of tea. At the same time, with the hot summer after the Dragon Boat Festival, the high incidence of influenza is the germ breeding season, at this time often drinking tea can also help improve immunity and effectively resist the virus.

What tea is suitable for Dragon Boat Festival


It has the function of evacuating wind-heat, clearing liver and clearing away heat, is beneficial and harmless to the human body, and also has the effect of reducing weight. It has the function of nourishing yin, clearing heat and benefiting kidney with medlar.


It can improve endocrine disorder and promote smooth and elastic skin. In addition, roses can also prevent constipation, alleviate dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation.


Fragrance, calming effect, can help sleep, stabilize mood, but also moisturize the skin, can be a hair nourishing agent.

Peppermint leaf

It has the function of sedation and digestion, and can relieve migraine, stomach discomfort or throat discomfort. It is a good product to stimulate spiritual vitality.


It can purify the mood, relieve tension and anxiety, relieve stress, relax nerves and help sleep. It can also treat early cold and cough, stabilize digestive system. It is an ideal herbal tea for treating migraine.


The best herbal tea for headache can not only enhance memory, but also have a good effect on dysmenorrhea.


It has an excellent effect on peptic ulcer and lymphadenitis, protects the digestive system, enhances liver function and relieves dysmenorrhea. It is suggested that women should drink more.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, the climate is easy to make people fidgety and irritable. While eating traditional zongzi, you might as well have another cup of herbal tea. Flower and herb tea, taken from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers or skins of plants, is mostly made by natural air-drying, which is consistent with the modern concept of advocating nature and health. Therefore, it is loved by more and more people and gradually becomes a fashion. However, not all herbal teas are suitable for themselves, so in order to find their own herbal teas, we need to understand the efficacy of various herbal teas.

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