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What are the three main effects of natural blue lotus dew?

May 28, 2019

What are the three functions of true natural blue lotus dew? Blue lotus or blue water lily is regarded as the most precious Lily in the world. It has a dark blue color, very sweet and lovely aroma. Blue lotus, or blue water lily, is misunderstood by many people as a lotus, which is not the same plant at all. Blue lotus is a symbol of the sun, creation and rebirth. Because in the evening the flower will close and sink into the water, and in the morning of the next day it will rise and open again. Lotus flower, warm awakening, can Shunqi Xiaoyu Liangxue.

I. Skin Care Efficiency

1) Strong moisturizing capacity: its moisturizing power is 100 times that of natural aloe vera gum. Its special plant water-soluble colloid is an important moisturizing ingredient. It not only activates the water-locking power of ceramide in epidermis, but also enters dermis to strengthen the activity of elastic fibroblasts and make skin tender and transparent.

2) Rich in natural weak acid skin-friendly ingredients, with softening, soothing, purifying and soothing effects, can calm the skin discomfort caused by the external environment, is very suitable for sensitive skin, and can repair sensitive reddish skin after laser surgery.

3) The active substance of plant sex hormone can delay ageing, reverse skin age and keep youthful appearance fresh forever.

2. Physiological efficacy

1) Antipyretic: refreshing fragrance and eliminating heat. Internal drinks can alleviate the discomfort caused by staying up late and retain the fragrance of mouth and teeth.

2) The unique aquatic phytohormone can resist the oxidation of free radicals to cells, and also can strongly adjust the hormone system in vivo, which is suitable for diseases caused by estrogen imbalance.

3) Anti-inflammation: According to the clinical experiment of Kaohsiung Medical College, its excellent anti-inflammation ability has become the second most popular pure dew for wound treatment (another golden partner is naturally better than hemostatic agent for dripping rock rose dew). Because of its weak acidic trace elements, it can strengthen the receptor response of platelets and relieve wound discomfort.

4) Antibacterial: PH value is 5.6, which is very close to the PH value of skin 5.5. After application, it can improve the antimicrobial activity of epidermal cells.

5) Detoxification: A family spoiled eating the wrong food occurred after vomiting, diarrhea and hematochezia phenomenon, drinking blue lotus dew after detoxification to restore health.

3. Emotional efficacy

Blue Lotus Pure Dew is a unique lotus fatty acid with very fine molecular structure and strong penetration. It can combine with peripheral nerve and stabilize nervous system.

Blue lotus dew comes from distillation of fresh lotus petals and stamens. It has the functions of healing, astringency, adjusting endocrine, calming and pleasing. Blue lotus and white lotus dew can be used alternately or in combination to calm and resist depression. When pure dew is diluted or added to wine, it is said that it produces a "sense of joy from every cell throughout the body", which is "pleasant and soothing, and lasts for a period of time."

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