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What flower should we raise in May? These varieties are suitable

May 07, 2019

In may, spring is full of life! It's a good time for potted plants to be planted in the home. Some flower lovers start to struggle with what should I raise to adorn my balcony or living room this year? Today, to share with you a few more suitable for may farming flowers.

Suitable for garden planting:

1, rose: known as the queen of flowers, also known as the "moon red", keep a good word the four seasons bloom, generally have red, pink, yellow and white, the color is charming, very beautiful. Chinese rose is not strict to climate and soil, but loose, fertile, rich in organic matter, slightly acidic, well-drained loam is more suitable.

2. Luo hansong: this is a kind of tree, which is bigger, so it is better in the courtyard. It is not gorgeous, has the charm of primitive simplicity.

3. Vermillion: its flowers are very big and bright. Especially in the garden, you can plant more than one plant. When they are all in bloom, they show more pomp than ever before.

Suitable for potting:

4, roses: it is more suitable for potted plants, flowers are relatively small. It also has many colors, just right for viewing. And rose on the soil requirements is not strict, drought resistance, resistance to barren, but planted in deep soil layer, loose, fertile and moist and drainage unobstructed soil is better growth, can also be in heavy soil normal growth.

Clivia: we're all familiar with this plant. We often see it potted. It is also one of the best plants to be potted in May. Now, after cultivation, it is also a variety of colors, but to bloom or need a little technology.


6, geranium: this name may be some strange to everyone, so "foreign hydrangea" this name everyone has heard. Its flowers are large and conspicuous. If you want to see the flowers, may is the right time to plant it, it is also an aromatic insect repellent.


Jasmine: its flowers are not only beautiful, but also give off fragrance. If you like the smell, you can plant it in May.

Gardenia: it is widely distributed and can be planted almost everywhere. It has a delicate fragrance and friends who like it can plant it.

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