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What tea can female often drink

May 05, 2019

In terms of drinking tea, women should carefully choose the tea suitable for themselves, because most women are weak, if drinking tea improperly, it will have an impact on health. Therefore, women need to drink tea according to their own physical conditions to choose. So, here's a look at what tea women can drink regularly.

Rose tea:

Drinking method: take 15 grams of water to drink rose every day, people with qi-deficiency can add 3 -- 5 dates, or 9 grams of American ginseng; Kidney empty person can join medlar fruit 15 grams. When bubble rose, can according to individual taste, attune rock candy or honey, in order to reduce the astringency of rose, strengthen effect.

Efficacy: rose tea can clear the fire and moisten the throat, remove spots, wrinkles and improve the appearance. It is the king of flowers.

Pu 'er tea:

Drinking method: pu 'er tea needs a hot water before brewing, which is called "tea washing". Pu 'er tea brewing should choose a large stomach pot, because the concentration of pu 'er tea is high, with a large stomach pot can avoid the tea is too thick, the material should choose pottery pot, purple sand pot. And the choice after the 2nd thick weak can decide according to individual be fond of.

Efficacy: it has the function of clearing fat, detoxifying and losing weight. It is a very popular drink.

Chamomile tea:

Drinking method: one teaspoon of wild chrysanthemum leaves, with a cup of boiling water brewing, braising about 10 minutes can be; Add brown sugar or honey to taste.

Efficacy: wild chrysanthemum has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, removing heat and fire, removing spots, whitening and moistening skin, regulating endocrine and promoting metabolism.

Longan red dates medlar tea:

Drinking method: each time take longan, wolfberry 3-5 grams, red dates two, boiling water brewing 3-5 minutes.

Efficacy: longan red jujube medlar tea is very effective for office workers who suffer from great work pressure, insomnia or memory loss easily. In addition, this tea has the effect of reducing weight, enhancing breasts, calming the mind and enriching the brain.

Carnation scented tea:

Drink method: the bubble method of carnation and drink a method to introduce: take 3-4 carnation flower, boiled water infuse 3 minutes can.

Efficacy: carnation can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, clear the heart and eliminate dryness, detoxify and beautify the face, regulate endocrine, at the same time, it has the effect of fixing kidney and benefiting essence, curing deficiency and fatigue, relieving cough and thirst.

Bitter butyl tea:

Drink a method: brew strong green tea cup with boiling water first, mix chondroitin with tea water next, often drinkable.

Efficacy: beautify skin, make skin elastic, and have anti-cancer effect.

Chamomile tea:

Drink method: dry chamomile about two teaspoons, with boiling water, stew about 30 minutes, add honey, very sweet and delicious.

Efficacy: chamomile tea can effectively improve insomnia symptoms, for neuralgia and menstrual pain, gastroenteritis have obvious effect.

Brown sugar ginger tea:

Drinking method: cut ginger into 30 grams into the pot, put about 250 ml of water, put two spoons of brown sugar, boil can be. Best consumed in the morning.

Efficacy: many female friends will have palace cold problems, and brown sugar ginger tea can warm the palace, let blood flow unobstructed, improve dysmenorrhea, can also help pregnancy.

Dangshen huangqi red date tea:

Drinking method: put astragalus membranaceus, codonopsis pilosula and jujube in water for a while, and then clean them. Put it in an earthenware pot, pour in the right amount of water and bring to a boil. Bring to a boil, turn off the heat and simmer for 15 minutes, without lifting the lid.

Efficacy: radix codonopsis, astragalus and jujube tea can nourish qi, blood, gastrointestinal weakness, poor digestion and absorption.

The above simply list a few women can drink tea, women can drink tea according to their favorite, and just suitable for the physique of the tea choice. In general, don't blindly follow others to drink tea, because everyone's constitution is different, suitable for others to drink may not be suitable for their own, so pay attention to carefully.

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