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What tea do you drink in May?

Apr 23, 2019

What tea do you drink in May?

1. Winter melon tea

According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, winter melon is sweet and cool. It has the functions of diuresis, detoxification, clearing stomach and reducing fire. It is very suitable for "Qingbu" in summer. It can diuresis and clear heat. For the thin people who love beauty, it is also a good product for weight loss in summer. Some people's skin tends to grow acne in summer. Drinking a bowl of winter melon porridge every day can prevent skin blisters in summer. They can buy fresh wax gourd at home after washing and seeds removal, even peel and cut into pieces, stew with water until soft rotten, can be directly drunk, or can be beaten into mud by fruit juice machine after filtering, coupled with a little sugar, is the original taste of wax gourd tea will not be fat.

2. Bitter Melon Juice

Bitter gourd has bitter taste, cold nature, heat-clearing and heat-clearing, bright eyes and detoxification. Momordica charantia has high nutritional value, rich vitamin C content, can also increase vascular permeability, protect cardiovascular, eat more help to lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol. If the balsam pear juice ice after, it is more summer holy goods, if really afraid of bitterness can add some honey seasoning. But we should pay attention to bitter gourd cold, weak cold, eat cautiously.

3. Watermelon peel herbal tea

Wash and chop the skin of watermelon, remove dregs and extract juice, then add a small amount of sugar and stir evenly. This herbal tea has the effect of eliminating heat and diuresis, especially suitable for people with heat constitution and patients with edema. However, people with cold constitution and stomach cold should not use it.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the main types of tea in China. It refers to the drinks made from fresh leaves or buds of tea trees, which have not been fermented and have been killed, shaped and dried. The colour and lustre of the products and the brewed tea soup preserve the green style of fresh tea. Frequent drinking of green tea can prevent cancer, reduce fat and weight loss, and also reduce nicotine damage to smokers.

Recommendation of Four Seasons Tea Drinking

1. Spring tea refers to the tea that was picked from late March to mid-May of that year. The moderate temperature and sufficient rainfall in spring, together with the rest and health of tea plants after half a year and winter, make the spring tea buds plump, green color, soft leaves, and rich in vitamins, especially amino acids. It not only makes spring tea taste fresh and pleasant, but also has health care function. (e.g. Luan Guapian slices)

2. Summer tea - - refers to the hot summer weather of tea leaves collected from early May to early July, and the rapid growth of new shoots, buds and leaves of tea plants, which makes the content of water extracts that can dissolve tea soup relatively reduce, especially the reduction of amino acids, which makes the taste and aroma of tea soup less intense than that of spring tea. Because the content of anthocyanins, caffeine and tea polyphenols with bitter and astringent taste is more than that of spring tea, not only the purple buds and leaves increase. The color is different and the taste is bitter. (e.g. Pu'er tea)

3. Autumn Tea - Tea picked after mid-August. The climate conditions in autumn are between spring and summer. Tea plants grow in spring and summer, and the contents of new shoots and buds are relative. The size of leaves is different, the bottom of leaves is crisp, the color of leaves is yellow, and the taste and aroma are relatively peaceful. (e.g. Tieguanyin)

4. Winter Tea - began to be picked in late October. Winter tea grows after autumn tea is harvested and the climate gradually turns cold. Because of the slow growth of the new shoot buds and the gradual increase of the content of substances, the winter tea has a mellow taste and strong aroma. (e.g. frozen-topped oolong)

What's so particular about tea?

Tea seasonal four seasons are different, namely: spring tea, summer green tea, autumn green tea, winter black tea. The reason is: in spring, people drink scented tea, can emit a winter accumulated in the human body of cold evil, strong fragrance, can promote the occurrence of human yang. Green tea is the best drink in summer. Green tea is bitter and cold in nature. It can clear away heat, dissipate heat, detoxify, quench thirst and strengthen heart. In autumn, green tea is better. This tea is not cold but not hot. It can eliminate the residual heat in the body and restore body fluid. Black tea is the best drink in winter. Black tea is sweet and warm, rich in protein, can help digestion, tonify the body, make the human body strong.

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