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What is the meaning of "cold spell in later spring" spreading in the countryside?

Apr 09, 2019

No matter what kind of environment we live in, we all have certain rules. No matter in life, diet or life, we all have rules and customs to follow, even in the pure land of the countryside. We all know that people in rural areas are simple and not very knowledgeable, but they are good at summarizing experiences from life and summarizing these experiences into some short and interesting words, which are passed down from generation to generation. There are still many such sayings in the folk today.

Of course, these sayings contain many things, which are reflected in many fields. We can hear a lot of them in our daily life. When people hear this sentence, they don't understand what it means at all. In fact, it is very easy to understand in the mouth of the folk old people, which means the spring before the warm spring after the cold spring. This weather phenomenon is also known as the reverse spring cold.

Actually this kind of phenomenon, as a result, the weather also has a lot of reasons, that is, over the years since the weather is gradually recover, but in the process also encountered some obstacles, such as cold air invasion, when once this phenomenon occurs, it may lead to local air temperature gradually decreases, and can make the person feel the obvious temperature difference, and at the time of the Spring Festival is the most afraid of this kind of phenomenon exists, it is a very happy day, but have to wear very bloated, hard to avoid can let a person feel put don't open.

In addition, it may also affect crops. You know, in the countryside, people pay great attention to the growth of crops, and pay special attention to the yield of crops, and the growth and yield of crops also have a great relationship with the weather, so people also pay special attention to the change of the weather. After this kind of weather may have a great impact on the crops, and at this time the crops are generally in a relatively immature state, it is likely to make the crops seedling death, or even slow growth, and eventually cause crop yield. So farmers don't want this kind of weather at all, and they don't want to face the loss of crops due to the weather.

Other rural areas also have another explanation, is to simplify this sentence, it means that, when spring comes the temperature will have significant change, the human body comfort is particularly good, but when HouChun comes, is likely to meet the phenomenon of low temperature, the body will feel very cold, so the temperature span is relatively large, in the consciousness of people, should be the early spring will be cold, eventually it will become warm, but on the contrary, this is so called pollen.

Folk, for such a phenomenon, also made a prediction, feel that if the weather in the season of heavy snow did not feel particularly cold, there is no object frozen phenomenon, it is likely to encounter the spring cold.

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