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Eat these 5 kinds of fruit more in spring, already delicious, return beneficial to the body!

Mar 26, 2019

Spring temperature is appropriate, is a very suitable for the season of reducing weight, and fruits rich in spring, in the life of some common fruits can help achieve good thin body effect, today I will introduce five kinds of suits spring to eat fresh fruit: 1, carambola, quantity of heat for 29 calories / 100 grams, after the meal to eat a few greasy, carambola solution to effect is better. Carambola contains a large number of oxalic acid, citric acid, malic acid and other can promote digestion, rich fiber and acid contained by the internal heat, dry runchang qingtong stool. Carambola is a kind of fruit that nutrition is comprehensive not only, and also have very good effect to reducing weight.

2, pineapple, sweet and sour pineapple taste unique, by a lot of little fairy love. Maybe in life we often eat pineapple, but few people heard that eating pineapple can lose weight, in fact, pineapple weight loss effect is quite good. Pineapple has a called "pineapple prion enzyme" material, it can break down the protein, dissolve the fibrous protein in the tissue and blood clot, effectively accelerate the blood circulation, and eliminate edema, eat pineapple can play a diuretic lipid-lowering role.

3. Lemons. Lemons have 35 calories / 100g. Lemons can be eaten in the form of lemon juice, a popular slimming drink among fairies that helps to relax blood vessels, speed up blood circulation and improve digestion. Can eliminate inside the body so accumulate sluggish redundant hypodermic and adipose, auxiliary achieve the goal that reduce weight thin body.

4, bananas, rich in dietary fiber can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, help relieve constipation. If use banana dips in honey to regard as staple food to replace a dinner to eat, quantity of heat wants far lower than normal meal, hold to period of time to be able to reduce weight naturally. In daily life daily edible 1-2 bananas can achieve the effect of laxative thin body, can eat directly, also can pass the way of banana yoghurt edible, deserve to go up the effect that yoghurt promotes intestines and stomach wriggle, it is very good.

Strawberries, the most vibrant fruit of the spring, are a great choice for the fat-shedding season. The quantity of heat of strawberry is 30 big calorie /100 grams, taste is sweet, sex is cool, belong to lung, splenic classics. Strawberry has the effect of moistening lung, invigorating spleen, relieving heat, diuresis and quenching thirst, which is beneficial to relieving constipation. And the one kind that contains in strawberry calls "aspartic acid" magical material, it can remove the redundant moisture of the waist naturally gently, dissolve the adipose of lumbar accumulation slowly, help the body disappear fat platoon poison, help you relaxed and thin waist.

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