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Spring equinox

Mar 19, 2019

When I was young, I heard the old legend of "dividing eggs in the spring equinox". It has also been experimented on the sly, on this day, it is relatively easy to slowly stand a raw egg on the plane.

This makes the Spring Equinox, one of the ordinary 24 solar terms, somewhat mysterious.

Although modern science has proved that the vernal equinox represents only the relative position of the sun and the earth, that is, the position of the sun at the equator.

Whether an egg can stand or not depends on the boiling of the egg and the geomechanics, but has nothing to do with the spring equinox. Nevertheless, subconsciously, I still think of the vernal equinox as unusual.

People's spiritual world is sometimes really strong, once a thing is predominant, the relevant information will immediately appear in court to testify. Thus, the unusual evidence chain of the vernal equinox is clearly displayed.

The meaning of the vernal equinox: "In the middle of February, the divider is half, which should be half of the ninetieth day, so it is called the divide." In ancient times, the spring equinox lasted from the beginning of spring to the beginning of summer. The spring equinox lasted for three months. The spring equinox divided equally. Obviously, it is a node of time and space.

The spring equinox is a watershed of climate.

From that day on, the position of direct solar radiation gradually moved northward, and the length of day and night in the northern and southern hemispheres changed accordingly. The length of day and night in the northern hemisphere was shorter than that in the southern hemisphere. As soon as the spring equinox arrives, the rainwater increases markedly. The average temperature in China has steadily passed 10 degrees Celsius, which is defined by climatology as spring temperature.

The spring equinox is also a turning point for the renewal of all things.

After the Spring Equinox, the climate is mild, the rain is abundant, and the sunshine is bright. The winter crops in most areas of China have entered the spring growth stage, and the early rice has entered the personality seed stage. In ancient China, the Spring Equinox was divided into three seasons: "one is the arrival of a bird; two are the sounds of thunder; three are the first to see electricity." That is to say, after the spring equinox, swallows fly from the south. When it rains, the sky will thunder and lightning.

Therefore, some people said, "The spring equinox, Yin and Yang are also half. So it's hot and cold day and night.

The word "Fen" expresses the boundaries of day and night, winter and summer.

Man is the product of nature, and solar terms are the deductive station of nature.

In the Spring Equinox season, some health problems that we usually don't care about are easy to start appearing in different groups. Therefore, for the peaceful constitution, that is, the normal constitution, people should pay attention to dietary coordination; for the constitution of Qi deficiency, appropriate activities should be taken to supplement Qi; for the constitution of Yang deficiency, we should eat scientifically and pay attention to depression; for the constitution of Yin deficiency, we can drink more duck meat lotus root soup, eat some lilies and sesame seeds; for the constitution of stealing blood, we should eat more laver, seaweed, black beans and sleeves. For hot and humid constitution, we should eat winter melon, watermelon, mustard, cucumber, balsam pear and cabbage in moderation; for gas constitution, we should sing more Chaihu soup, yellow cauliflower egg soup, oatmeal milk; for allergic constitution, we should eat less seafood and spicy stimulants, and drink less liquor, etc.

At this point, an obvious proposition has emerged, that is, spring frugality should pay attention to health preservation, and health preservation should be based on harmony.

Spring Equinox divides day and night, winter and summer equally. People should pay attention to maintaining the balance of Yin and Yang in health care. As Stalin said, "The possibility of relative static objects and the possibility of temporary equilibrium are the fundamental conditions for material differentiation and therefore for life."

We need to get the "basic condition of life" of this "temporary equilibrium state", and it is an important rule to keep the balance of Yin and Yang of the human body. This rule tells us that the fundamental of health care is to use the law of balance between yin and yang, coordinate the function of the body and keep the whole body in a relatively calm and balanced state.

So far, a vivid and unusual spring equinox stood before us. However, this is not enough. On the day of the Spring Equinox, another important historical mission is to sacrifice the pivot.

In ancient times, people worshipped the land as a God and sacrificed it with five colors of earth and grain. Qgp did not have the idol of land god, until the Qing Dynasty began, the God of land was invited to the temple of the Majesty of the City. There were two tablets in the temple, one on the left and the other on the right. The Spring Club became the biggest ceremony.

Spring Club is the celebration of the Spring Equinox.

In the beginning, the sacrifice of land gods only began. Gradually, new contents such as ancestral relics and genealogy were added to the altar, and the procedure became more and more complicated. The courtyard should be cleaned beforehand, then sacrificial utensils, three animals, incense clubs and tributes should be purchased. At that time, the elders of the clan will lead the crowd to burn incense and light candles, and perform the ritual of kneeling three times and knocking nine times. At the end of the sacrifice, the whole family will hold a feast and gather to connect their feelings. If there are successful candidates recently, those who graduate from private schools, or those who come back from foreign businesses, they should also publicize themselves at this time in order to honor their ancestors. Of course, if there are serious violations of family rules, at this time also in the church to accept punishment in public. The sacrificial activities of the Spring Equinox make this festival complicated and confusing.

Spring Equinox is a really not simple day.

Because it brings us not only the change of solar terms and the long-term influence of climate, but also the beginning of a node of life, a platform for people to live in harmony with nature and people.

The Spring Equinox is not only the solar term, but also the process of people's understanding of nature. It is our grasp of the law of human growth.

We can never change the laws of nature, but we can change our attitude towards life and our reverence for nature.

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