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To increase the germination rate of seeds, you can use these six storage techniques

Jan 29, 2019

If you like to use sowing method to propagate plants and flowers, then you must learn how to better preserve seeds and improve their germination rate. The following techniques can help you, keep seeds in the right place, help to improve germination rate, the next sowing time, can promote the rapid germination of seeds.

The following methods can save you time and money, is the best way to cultivate plants and flowers.


1. Dry seeds


Whatever method you use to collect seeds, you should completely dry them. The collected seeds should be full and dry after cleaning. You can wrap them with a paper towel, remove the pulp, clean them, and then sprinkle them on a container to dry them. You can let them air-dry for about a week.

Only wrap these seeds in the newspaper. It's better to write the names of the seeds to avoid confusion. You can also keep them in an envelope and pay attention to drying. Some friends also use paper towels to wrap seeds directly for preservation, but the seeds are easy to stick together with paper towels, and when sowing, they can be cultivated by breaking off a paper towel directly.


2. Placement

The best way to preserve seeds is to put them in sealed plastic bags or glass cans. Cover the top and put them in a cool place. Keep the environment dry. You can put two tablespoons of milk powder or plant ash in the seeds.


The seeds can also be wrapped with some silica gel powder and replaced every six months, which can also prolong the shelf life of the seeds.


3. Keep the container in a dry and cool place.

Higher humidity and higher temperature will shorten the shelf life of the seeds. The temperature in the refrigerator is very suitable. The seeds should be far away from water. Therefore, they should be kept in sealed glass jars before they can be put in the refrigerator. They should be placed in a cool and dry place.


4. Throw out outdated seeds

If some seeds are kept for too long, their germination rate will become very low or even completely non-germinating. It will be very difficult for most seeds to take root and germinate after three years.


5. Sowing and Cultivation


When you are ready for planting and cultivation, you can take the seeds out of the box in the refrigerator, want to keep the seeds, let the temperature of the seeds naturally drop to normal temperature, don't rush to sow, otherwise the water will condense on the seeds, easy to cause seed decay.


Seeds can be soaked in clear water for 3 to 8 hours before cultivation, which helps to improve the germination rate of seeds.


6. Remove dried seeds


Even if you store the seeds in a very orderly way and keep them fresh, some seeds will not germinate after 2 to 3 years. At this time, you have to learn to pick and remove some of the dried seeds.

Sowing and cultivation should choose a suitable period of time, keep the soil moist, maintain a certain air humidity and warm ventilated environment, as long as the seeds do not rot, we must insist on supplying them with moisture, humidity and temperature.

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