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The Origin of Christmas

Dec 18, 2018

Fellow friends, Christmas is coming. But Christmas is not actually a Chinese holiday, but with the deepening of China's openness, many people have been influenced by foreign countries and started, so do you know how Christmas came about? Today we're going to tell a story about Christmas.

Christmas is to commemorate the "Festival of the Birth of the Son", and the so-called "Son of Saint" refers to Jesus Christ. In Western Christian countries, people generally believe in Christianity. It is said that Jesus Christ was born on the night of December 24. Therefore, the night of December 24 is called "Christmas Eve" or "Christmas Eve". Christmas is the largest festival in the Christian world, and it is said that it is "Christmas Eve". In order to save human sins, God decided to bring his only son Christ into the world, to help the world better understand God, praise God, in order to save the human soul.

Legend has it that Jesus was born of virgin Mary. Her fianc-in-law, Joseph, wanted to break up with her after hearing about it. So God sent the angel Gabriel to tell Joseph in a dream that he would not want her because Mary was unmarried and pregnant, but would marry her and call the child "Jesus", meaning that he would save the people from evil. Later, when Maria was about to be born, the government stipulated that she had to go to Bethlehem to declare her residence registration. But when they arrived late, the baby was born again, and there was no alternative but to rest in a barn and give birth to Jesus.

During the period after Jesus'death, people did not celebrate Christmas. It began to take shape slowly after more than 100 years. It is said that the first Christmas in the world was initiated by the Roman bishop St. Crimen in 138 A.D. and the first Christmas recorded in the history of the church was in 336 A.D. Because the Bible does not record when Jesus was born. So the dates of Christmas celebrations varied from Christian world to Christian world. It was not until 440 A.D. that the Holy See unified December 25 as Christmas.

On this day, children will put a pair of socks beside the bed, and then sleep beautifully, waiting for Santa Claus to wake up the next morning to send us a gift, then who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus is actually a Christian. In the 4th century, a Christian named Nicholas donated all his property to the poor people and served God all his life. He liked to help the poor in secret. Santa Claus is his alias. The name comes from the story that he secretly helped three girls and gave them money. After his death, he was honored as a saint and depicted as an old man with a white beard in a red robe and a red cap. Whenever Christmas comes, he slides on the roof in a Lula sleigh and enters the children's home from the chimney. He puts Christmas gifts in socks and hangs them on the children's bedside or in front of the stove.

Christmas has become the biggest festival in the western world, even surpassing the New Year, just like the Spring Festival in our country. When it comes, people decorate Christmas trees with cut pine and cypress trees, hanging red and white lights, gifts, flowers and so on. They also light Christmas candles, and of course, delicious turkey can make you eat a big meal.

These are some introductions about Christmas. What stories are you watching about Christmas?

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