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Suitable for winter 12 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials Chapter One

Dec 04, 2018

Winter has come. Mention their own ability to keep out the cold, drink hot water is not enough, also want to exercise, eat more suitable for removing the winter food. Today bring you 12 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials suitable for winter, most of these medicines can make tea, wine, also can be used as an ingredient in clay pot soup, stew.Due to the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine is more, this article only introduce before 6 kinds, rest in the next article.

1, Chinese wolfberry

From yinchuan of ningxia, zhongning, medlar as the best central defender. Medlar has ten reputation: gas rechargeable, blood can fill, Yang l, Yin can rise, can be bright, god can Ann, but zi liver and kidney can raise, fire can drop, rheumatism can remove.

It is the main function of the kidney, improving eyesight, sedative. For the elderly, medlar and the role of runchang purge.


Bubble water, soup, or eat a dozen grains.

2, eucommia bark,

Eucommia ulmoides mainly produced in sichuan. For kidney function, strong bones and muscles, Ann. Men and women, old and young, all can take lumbar debility powerless, especially, has a good therapeutic effect.


Bubble water, wine and meat stew.

3, Codonopsis pilosula (dangshen)

Have to fill in the codonopsis pilosula replenishing qi and nourishing blood nerves. Taste the frail, taking dangshen has good effect. The ancients of codonopsis pilosula has good generalization, but not dry invigorating spleen, runfei, not cold, zi stomach and not cool, but not dry blood. Both tonic and nourishing blood.


Soup, stewed mutton, bubble wine.

4, American ginseng

American ginseng and American ginseng, it is mainly produced in the United States of oasis day veins, Canada, France. Western to participate in other different, it is a combination of air compensating effect, and has the effect of ziyin, after taking will not angry. Especially for middle-aged people, every day to eat LiangSanPian, is beneficial to the body.


Bubble water, stew, suck it directly

5, chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum has many varieties, such as Daisy, HangJu, huang ju, chrysanthemum, QiJu, etc. This is florists chrysanthemum, just as its name implies refers to the past to the emperor. It rapidly from anhui, florists chrysanthemum have bright eye, clear heat, the effect of the wind. If the wind chill caused have a headache, make some chrysanthemum tea can go a head wind.


Making tea.

6, yam

Yam is mainly produced in henan province. Can be divided into two kinds: wool yam yam and light. It has a good complement to spleen kidney function.


Steam, stir fry or make soup.

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