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Flowers suitable for planting in December

Nov 27, 2018

When cold air comes, no flower can be raised. Is the balcony lonely this winter? Choose several kinds of flowers for you today, December can make your family flourish, but also very good maintenance.

Boat orchids

Cymbidium can also blossom in winter, and blossom particularly vigorously, cluster by cluster, typical winter card flowers, huge flower heads. Generally, room temperature can be maintained indoors at about 15 degrees, keeping the air humidity, not always moving it.

Begonia semperflorens

The so-called "Four Seasons Begonia" means that it does not blossom in all seasons, that is to say, every day you can see it blossom, whether you go to the park or the greenbelt, basically planting such flowers, but also very good for feeding, not afraid of water, not afraid of drought, how to raise can not die, and delicate branches and leaves, bright colors.


Chimonanthus praecox also blossoms in December, when appropriate, and this flower is very adaptable, low requirements for soil, mixed with general garden soil or rotten leaf soil can be, usually pay attention to pruning shape, after blooming more aesthetic.

Chinese rose

Rose is the moon, want to let it not open, unless you do not. In winter, the southern region blossoms more delicately and has longer florescence. Maintenance is also simple, directly in front of the house, with a little garden soil, put some rice water, flowers blooming that vigorous.

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