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5 species of flower plants that can be sowed in November

Nov 13, 2018

November is quiet time in the garden, but this month you can plant some flower seeds, saving time for spring sowing. If your seeds don't germinate immediately, don't panic. Many seeds need a period of cold, called vernalization, to break their dormancy. Then, in spring, they will explode and grow.

1. celery

It is a honeybee friendly perennial plant that takes a long time to germinate. Seeds are sowed in pallets or flowerpots and placed in unheated greenhouses or cold shelves in winter.

2. creeping weevil


Sun cover or partially shaded ground cover plants do not spread quickly and provide evergreen colors. It belongs to the genus Pseudostellaria of Labiatae. It grows in wet woodlands and grasslands and distributes in Europe, Iran and the Caucasus. Dwarf creeping plant, about 15 cm tall, covering the ground with rhizomes. Stem many branched, leaf margin toothed, short spikes are composed of blue purple tubular flowers.

3. Corydalis


Native to humid and dark habitats in northern Europe and Asia. It's 25 centimeters long. It's a short spring. Leaves appear in spring and die in summer from their tuber rootstocks. It is grown because of its deep-fissured fern leaves and long, narrow spines in spring. The flowers show color changes, which can be purple, purple, red or white.

4. sweet peas


Sweet peas can be sowed in autumn or spring, so it is not too late to sow seeds.

5. drumstick primrose

These eye-catching Allium are loved by bees and other pollinators. Sow onions at any time of the year, either directly in the soil or in a pot in the planting room. There are small bulblets below the outer layer of the stem. Fresh peanuts grow on flowers up to 50 centimeters high, in umbrellas of spherical to egg-shaped, 1-6 centimeters in diameter, tightly packed with many crowded flowers. Umbrella-shaped inflorescences are relatively small relative to the height of the stem, which makes one of them described as "onion drumstick", and a single flower is red and purple.

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