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FUYANG BESTOP IMPEX LTD was awarded the title of three stars customer of Anhui excellent business in 2019.

Nov 06, 2018

On October 31, 2018, FUYANG BESTOP IMPEX LTD won three stars Customer Award of Anhui Excellent Businessmen in 2019 at the Second Summit of New Forces of Excellent Businessmen in Anhui Province.

The selected enterprises are all foreign trade enterprises with strong regional strength in Anhui Province. Through multi-level evaluation and screening, Bestop won three stars Prize for Quality Business in 2019. This is also the industry's affirmation of Bestop trade outstanding achievements in the field of foreign trade since its establishment.

The conference, hosted by Alibaba, aims to affirm the contribution made by enterprises in Anhui region in the field of foreign trade and encourage more enterprises to join Alibaba's foreign trade ranks.

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