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What festivals and festivals do foreigners celebrate in November?

Oct 23, 2018

Without festivals on the calendar, our lives suddenly become unexpected, and our lives will be monotonous. Festivals can also be said to be a kind of cultural concentration, it is precisely because of a rich and colorful festivals, it has become a beautiful and moving New Year pictures in human history. Every country has its own unique traditional festivals, and there are many festivals that foreigners can not understand.


Halloween is a western traditional festival - Ghost Festival. In November 1st each year. October 31st is Halloween, usually called Halloween (Wan Shengye). All the ghosts in the legend will come to the world on that day. In order to frighten big spirits, people dressed themselves up as ghosts to avoid being caught by ghosts. Although Halloween is a custom celebration abroad, it is impressive that people go from house to house asking for sugar and trick-or-treat, which is the favorite of children.


On the fourth Thursday of November, Americans celebrate their most important traditional folk festival, Thanksgiving. The festival began in the fall of 1621, when British immigrants traveled across the oceans to America to thank the local Indians for their help.

Fishing Festival

Fishing is an important production activity in some countries in West Africa. Long-term fishing production and labor, the formation of the annual open-net fishing before celebration activities, praying for peace, harvest festival customs. In 1934, the chiefs of Nigeria's two tribes reached an agreement in the ancient city of Argonne to end hostility over fishing conflicts and get along with each other ever since. In commemoration of this event, the fishing festival began to take place in Nigeria. Today the fishing festival has become a symbol of solidarity among the people of all nationalities in the country.

Every February, when the fishing festival comes, Argonne's foreign tourists are overcrowded. The local chieftain presided over the opening ceremony. The main festival activities include agricultural exhibitions, selection of Miss Argongus, boxing, motorcycles, competitions and so on. The climax of the festival is the catching bass competition. On both sides of the river, cheers and clamour, the river swimmers like Sharon diving up and down, competing for the largest fish. At the end of the competition, several awards were awarded and generous prizes were awarded. Niger's Fishing Festival is held in May each year, before the opening of the solemn sacrificial ceremony fishing, praying for a bumper harvest.

Saint caledlin Festival

Paris, France, celebrates St. Catherine's Day every November 25, a special day for unmarried girls over the age of 25. The girls, dressed in festive costumes, each made an ingenious, distinctive hat, swaggered across the street, presented a bunch of flowers in front of the statue of the saint, and then went to the big fashion shop to dance and drink and revel. On that day they were the real queens.

In November 25th, it was St. caledin Festival. It was a local Paris Festival. 25 year old young girls who are unmarried have dressed up to be Kate. The girls who celebrate St. kedelin Festival lay wreaths in front of the statue of the virgin on the street with their namesake. This day made many yellow and green small caps, one is more novel than one. In the big ladies' shop, people dance and drink fragrant guests. Kedlin was the queen of the day.

Wan Ling Festival

All souls' Day is November 2nd. On this day, people commemorate the deceased by mass and celebrations. Living people pray on behalf of the Christians in purgatory, where the soul after death is purified before ascending to heaven. Spirits in purgatory, like living Christians, are members of the Church and must suffer to clear their sins. Living church believers can help their deceased family and friends ascend to heaven early by praying and doing good deeds.

753 section

Nov. 15 every year is the Seventy-fifty-three Festival in Japan. It is a unique festival day in Japan. When boys are five years old, girls are three years old and seven years old, a congratulating ceremony is held. During the visit, most girls wore kimono and boys wore plumes and kimono skirts. After the visit, parents usually buy their children thousands of years of sugar, reflecting their parents'unlimited expectations, they all want their children to have a long and rich life. When I return home, I will probably go around to the photo studio and take a photo of the family photo.

The 753 section is not a day of celebration, it is just a matter of action. Every November 15, there are 7-year-old girls and 5-year-old boys and 3-year-old children (men, women), must let the children wear bright kimonos, to visit the shrine, God bless the child's health and smooth growth. On this day, children will eat "red bean rice" and "thousand-year-old sugar", which is made to celebrate the "753" red or white candy bar, hope that children can eat lively and strong, immortal.

Monkey Buffet Festival

The Thai festival, held every year on the last Sunday of November, aims to promote the development of local tourism.

Lopburi, one of Thailand's oldest cities, has long been known as the Monkey City. Now Lopburi is surrounded by about 2,000 monkeys, 600 of whom are still living in the city, a city proud of monkeys. The monkeys are said to have been accompanied by the Indian God Rama who gave the area to the monkey king Hanuman hundreds of years ago. In addition, the monkeys are believed to be disciples of the four-armed Indian God of creation and destruction, Kala (Chao Pho Phra Karn), worshipped at the downtown Phra Prang Sam Yot temple.

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