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Don't throw these 7 fruit seeds. They grow into potted plants.

Oct 16, 2018

In late summer and early autumn, many fruits are listed, which can be said to be varied and colorful. Many friends just throw away the seeds after eating the fruit, but do you know the seeds can be used to make beautiful potted plants?


The specific method is to cut the Pitaya fruit, take out the flesh and put it in the stockings gently rubbed a few times, so that the seeds and flesh separated in the water after a day, rubbing a few times every other time, until only seeds can be left. Then remove the seeds and put them in a cool place to dry.


Soak the remaining seeds in water and remove them. Choose a flowerpot or small cup and place the seeds head up. Cover them with sand and stone or preservative film.


Immerse the finished longan seeds in water for a week, and remember to change the water every day. Then put the seed bud upwards into the flowerpot and spray water on time.


Put the seeds of pomelo seeds in water for a while, remove the hard shell for backup. Choose a flowerpot and put it in a soft soil. Then put the seed in the soil with the little head up. Cover it with a thin layer of soil and then put some stones on it.

The lotus root

Pick up the seeds of the lotus root and cut the roots slightly. Put the treated seeds in a little water and wait for it to germinate. Then the seeds are planted in the soil and grow well, so that they can be transplanted into the basin.


Choose a larger container, the bottom needs to have small holes, it is recommended to use small melon seeds planting, it is best to hang the vines potted, and other wild plants can be cultivated as well.


Take out the orange seeds, to be full of seeds, after washing the tip up into the soil, so that the soil moist, generally ten days can germinate.

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