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What festivals do you have in October abroad?

Sep 25, 2018

Festival is full of festive and joyful. Autumn and October around the world is full of different landscapes, the same with a variety of national culture, resulting in a variety of national or regional characteristics of the festival. Then, what festivals are there in foreign countries in October?

Pumpkin day in North America

Pumpkin Festival in North America is also a festival for children. As a traditional festival in North American countries, Pumpkin Festival is held every October 31st. On this day, people make colorful pumpkin lanterns, taste a variety of pumpkin pastries, and hold a pumpkin king's competition. People in the city used large containers to transport Pumpkins from far away places, hollowed them out for pumpkin lanterns, and tried to break the Guinness World Record for pumpkin lanterns.

In the fairy tale world, pumpkin seeds also play a magical role. It will make your dreams come true. It is said that on those days at the end of the month, prepare a fresh pumpkin, dig out pumpkin seeds, wash them and dry them on the windowsill. For three consecutive nights, pray for my magic power, and give me the most beautiful pair of crystal shoes. On the first day of February, wrap the pumpkin seeds in clean white paper, write your wishes on paper, bury them in the garden, and at night when you fall asleep, a pair of crystal shoes will appear in your dreams.


One of the most famous high festivals in Germany and even Europe is Munich's cultural card. Millions of people pour into Munich at this time of year, with tents and recreational facilities built on the outskirts of the city's lawns, and locals wearing traditional Bavarian clothes. In essence, the drinking conference and Carnival completely subvert the stereotype of the Germans. The last week of September is the first Sunday in October. Besides Munich, Stuttgart's Beer Festival is also very famous.

Necromancer day

From October 31st to October 31st, the whole nation celebrates "the festival of souls" (also called "the dead man's Day"). This festival in Mexico is not only similar to the Western Halloween, but also different. It shows strong national cultural characteristics of Indian.

Yellow petals were sprinkled on the graveyard's way to villages or towns, allowing the dead to follow the fragrant path. In the evening, pumpkin lanterns are lit at the doorway to guide the dead to their doors, and on the altar are offerings of corn soup, chocolate, bread, zongzi, hot sauce, pumpkin, sweets and desserts for the dead to enjoy. The bread on the altar of the ghost festival is different from that of ordinary bread. Different shapes have different meanings. Some are made into "human" shapes, some "human" shapes without "legs" to indicate "ghosts"; spiral bread called "Roscott" to indicate the cycle of life; and bread "Ohaldeira" shaped like a thousand layers of cake and decorated with "decorations" to welcome the return of the dead. During the festival, men, women, old and young, can wear masks, wear ghost clothes with white bones, waving across the street, indicating the return of the dead.

Columbo day

Columbus Day, also known as Columbia Day, is a festival in some American countries on October 12 every year to commemorate Christopher Columbus's landing in North America as a federal holiday in the United States. Columbus Day is the second Monday of October 12 or October to commemorate Columbus's first landing on the American continent in 1492.

Columbo day was first commemorated by the United States in 1792. It was the 300th anniversary of Columbus's arrival in the Americas that the Tanmuni Association of New York City sponsored the commemoration. In 1893, Chicago held the Columbo exhibition and held a grand commemorative event again. Since then, on this day of the year, most states in the United States have held celebration parades, church services and school activities to commemorate this historic day.


Canada is the second Monday in October, while in the United States it is the third Thursday in November. The usual customs are roast turkey, baked sweet potato and baked papaya pie. Canada's celebration day usually comes from Britain's harvest day. The American celebration dates back to 1621, in a Plymouth colony, to commemorate the first harvest after a severe famine that winter. Turkeys are meant to commemorate the famine of these new immigrants during Thanksgiving, only to find the plight of four turkeys.

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