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What festivals are there in the West in September?

Sep 18, 2018

September 5th


India teachers' Day


Every September 5th is Teachers'Day in India, the birthday of former Indian President Sawapali Radakrishnan, who himself is an educator.




Teachers' day in India is not a holiday. Traditionally, teachers in schools do not teach on Teacher's Day, but are taught by students in the highest grades of the school, giving lessons to students in the lower grades, experiencing the hardship and greatness of teachers'work. The school will also grade them according to the performance of the "student" teacher, and identify the best student "teacher".




American Labor Day


The first Monday of September is Labor Day, part of the last long weekend holiday of summer, with three consecutive days of rest for the nation. Labor Day in the United States began in 1894. It is usually celebrated by family reunion  s and labor union   workers'marches.




September 8th


Run Run Shaw day, San Francisco, USA


In 1991, San Francisco marked the 8th of September as Shaw's Day every year in recognition of his contributions to the public good.




September 11th


Catalonia National Day


Catalonia national day, also known as the September 11th Festival, is an official holiday in Catalonia. This commemorates the siege of Barcelona during the Spanish succession to the throne. After 14 months of siege, Barcelona eventually fell to the hands of the army led by the Duke of Bellick of the Bourbon Dynasty on September 11, 1714. The festival also commemorates the repeal of Catalonia's independent political institutions by the New Basic Act of 1716.




Ethiopia New Year


Ethiopia uses the Julian calendar for 12 months, 30 days a month, plus 13 months, only 5 or 6 days. Therefore, the new year begins in September. The new year in Ethiopia is usually called Enkutatash in September 11th. Enkutatash means "jewellery gift". Its name comes from the legend of Queen Sheba.




Queen Sheba was the ruler of the ancient kingdom of Ethiopia. According to legend, the queen visited King Solomon in Jerusalem, where she sent him valuable gifts and jewellery. After returning to Ethiopia, her leader filled her Treasuries with jewelry to welcome her home. From this time on, every year passes the new year.




American patriotic day


In order to mourn the victims of September 11, the U. S. Congress on the 18th passed September 11 as a patriotic day, a national holiday to mourn the victims of September 11, at the same time stipulated that government flags were lowered at half-mast, and the President issued a statement. A memorial service is held every year.




September 12th


Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau National Day


The national day of Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau is September 12th, the origin of which is the birth date of Cabral. Cabral (1924 - 1973) is the founder and former general secretary of the African Independence Party of Guinea and Cape Verde.




September 17th


US Constitution Day


Constitutional Day is a day to commemorate the constitution of the United States. The Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia in 1787 eventually passed the Constitution on September 17. In 2004, Congress eventually designated September 17 as the Constitutional Day of the United States. According to the law passed by Congress, any school or college that receives federal funding will have constitutional education around September 17 every year.




September 18th


Chile National Day


Every year on September 18, National Day (also known as Independence Day) is Chile's biggest festival to commemorate Chile's independence on September 18, 1810. A grand carnival will be held throughout the country. The streets, the windows and balconies of every house were covered with red, blue and white flags, and all the uniformed departments of the major cities paraded in honor of the army.




September 19th


Saint kit and Nevis Independence Day


The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, situated in the northern Leeward Islands of the Eastern Caribbean Sea, is an island federated by the islands of Saint Christopher (Saint Kitts) and Nevis. It became independent on September 19, 1983 and is now a member of the Commonwealth.

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