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When we talk about a piece of Pu'er tea, what should we talk about?

Sep 12, 2017

Pu'er tea's "fun" is that there are too many topics to talk about. A tea cake in hand, can speak about the origin, the hill, about age, about picking season, process, about the degree of fermentation, about warehousing, tea gas, said aroma, taste speak, speak about the thickness, sitting back to Kennedy, said resistant foam, speaking about the brand, producers, about drinking value speak, collection value, speak circulation, speak cashability, speak...... Never a tea can be like Pu'er tea can be extended to numerous topics; almost every topic can also attract numerous fellow Chinese people, three days and three nights can not be finished.

When we talk about a piece of Pu'er tea, what should we talk about?

A cake of tea is good to drink, should be placed in the first discussion, this is the value of tea drink. The core value of Pu'er Tea is drinking value, drinking tea from value to tell how "old" backing, much, make no sense.

For the "good drink" or "no" judgment, different drinkers have different understanding. However, good tea has a basic characteristic: the feeling of entrance must be pleasant, and the aftertaste must be long. Bad tea, the entrance has a variety of discomfort, uncomfortable, it is difficult to swallow.

The master's fallen tea is not good to drink, and his mouth feeling is honest. Learn to drink tea with your tongue instead of drinking tea with your ears. Selling tea can be said as if it were raining flowers, allusive, own standard only one: it's a damn good drink! It's hard to drink!

The second topic worth discussing is the brand of tea. Brand is a commitment, but also an attitude. The brand of Puer tea is numerous, but it can be made loud without distinctive tonality. Once the tonality is formed, the position in the minds of consumers will be difficult to change.

Why do we think that some brands are flashy, that is, to sell wrapping paper? Although some brands of large scale, is to do, go up the road to the tea table? This label is not affixed to consumers, manufacturers are constantly accumulating habits. "Today" comes from "at the beginning", the character decides the destiny, the tonality decides the brand destiny.

A cake of tea with collection value, largely lies in its brand value. Brands with a high reputation are clearly more valuable than the infamous brands. Have a good reputation of the tea, naturally than those without the tone of the arena "master" more trustworthy.

The value of the drink should be discussed as to how tea is made, and the value of the collection is discussed. A cake with a high value of drinking tea can be a white tissue "three noes" products, a collectible tea cake must have brand signs. The healthy and sustainable development of the brand, its products with the passage of time will be added; the credibility of the tea, the works also have good circulation in a particular population.

When we talk about a tea cake, as long as a good talk, good tea, not hypocritical, it is enough.

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