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Several new usage of Scorpion

Aug 29, 2017

Scorpion is one of the creatures that we may not see very often, but scorpion is an important medicinal material for us in the field of Chinese medicine. Scorpio is a good medicinal value for us, it has a great influence on our pharmaceutical industry. Here are some ways to use the new scorpion.

1. burns. Live scorpion 30~40, put in 500g oil soaked for more than 12 hours, the wound surface who blister cut, apply this oil. Treat 8 cases with this, all very quick acetanilide, scab and heal.

2. whooping cough in children. Scorpion 1 Chaojiao, for the end, with a dip of cooked egg. Two times a day, reduce it below 3 years old, 5 years old increased discretion. 74 cases were cured within 4~7 days.

3. perianal inflammation. Scorpion 40g, research very fine. Every night before going to bed with white water delivery service, each time 3G, 1 times a day. On the other end and 10g to scorpion skin cream and evenly, wash the skin before going to bed every night to. One day effective, 3 day symptoms disappeared, and then 5 days to consolidate the efficacy.

4. breast disease. The scorpion 160g, mole cricket 25, the mole cricket hole, the scorpion packed in mole cricket, airing in watts after the end of the inquiry, 3 times a day, each time 3G. 11 cases of breast tumor were cured, 10 cases were cured, and 243 cases of lobular hyperplasia of mammary gland were cured.

5. tuberculosis of bone and joint. Scorpio, Pheretima, Eupolyphaga each equal parts, at the end of the research for the pill, 3G each time 3 times a day. It has good effects on the treatment of tuberculosis of bone and joint, lymphatic tuberculosis, thrombus obliterans and so on.

6. chronic nettle diagnosis. Scorpion 1 egg wash, will be at the top of a small opening, into the scorpion, steamed break up, to eat egg harmonic. 2 times daily. In 73 cases, the total effective rate was 97% and 5~34 days effective.

7. suppurative otitis media. Scorpio, 12 equal parts, and research to fine, will develop the ear dry wash, sprinkle a little powder, 1 times a day. Use 3~5 days to heal.

8. migraine. Scorpion, uncaria, placenta of the 18G, were fine capsules (each containing crude drug 0.3g). Take 3 pills at a time, 3 times a day. After the stable dose reduction, or put on the daily take 3 pills to consolidate the curative effect. In 26 cases, the headache was relieved within 24 hours after taking the medicine, and the headache was relieved or disappeared after 48 hours.

There may be many minor ailments and injuries in our daily life, it is not able to avoid, for us, can prepare some scorpions in our house, so you can make very good that we can do to ease the drug through the scorpion when sick.

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