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Behind the rise in prices of Epimedium

Aug 21, 2017

The epimedium is from the book of this book. Dry whole grass, raw or crispy for berbera plant. Xin, gan, wen; In liver and kidney. Tonic kidney zhuang Yang, aphrodisiac, anti-wind pain relief. The main effect is to treat impotence, impotence, the weakness of the waist, often with the cistanche, eucommia, yangqi stone. The treatment of rheumatoid pain, limb rigidification, compatible with the sole living, the viper, cinnamon. It can also be used to treat the female animal without estrus, infertile, often with the party, the white art, the sequel. Dosage, horses, cattle 15 ~ 45 g; Pig, sheep 6 ~ 12 grams. But the inner heat is not used.

Currently, the price of the purchase of the epimedium has soared from 7 ~ 8 yuan to about 13 yuan. Epimedium now in a short supply, the price of behind both medicinal resources shortage, also has the excavation of cost increased significantly, and the inventory shortage on the market, epimedium price is hard to fall in a short time.

It is mainly produced in shaanxi, gansu, shanxi and henan provinces. Mentioned in the "Chinese pharmacopoeia", epimedium for impotence premature ejaculation, the waist sour leg pain, numbness of limbs, hemiplegia, tinnitus, have certain curative effect, the symptom such as giddy, according to Beijing university of Chinese medicine Chinese medicine identification of professor liu, the medicinal properties of epimedium relatively peaceful, because there is the effect of kidney strong sun, TCM believes that it belongs to Yang medicine.

Wild epimedium higher requirements for the environment, mainly grows in the forests or wet places of slope, so the excavation of the difficulty is very big, the excavation of epimedium costs will follow, in recent years, the output of epimedium reduced year by year, the cost increase, prices become inevitable.

According to Yin zhichao, President of the China health association's health care products application promotion committee, many health products now contain epimedium. Production of fine chemicals industry epimedium can now be extracted to 1:10, and extract, when doing the medicine and pharmacy in epimedium extract, anti-fatigue effect is more obvious. Therefore, there is a great demand for epimedium in all major pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies in China, and the current production of epimedium is not enough, which makes the price of the epimedium grow continuously.

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